Bri Thierman

Bri is the Theatre Director with the Gibson School of the Arts! She was bitten by the theatre bug when she was a young girl after losing her father at an early age. In an effort to bring her out of her shell, her Mum sent her to drama classes which transformed her life as she knew it. She fell in love with being able to express herself artistically and emotionally through storytelling. Bri continued for years in an extra curricular drama school, eventually teaching and directing their summer camp (ages 5-16) at the end of high school. This led to her life-long desire to teach children the same wonderful craft that helped her through some of the toughest times of her life.

Falling in love with both Visual Arts and Theatre, Bri graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance and Visual Arts (BFA) from Laurentian University. She then went on to complete her Bachelor of Education in Drama and Visual Arts (BEd) at Brock University. Throughout her time in university, she appeared in many productions for school as well performing with various community theatre groups.

After graduation, she continued to teach drama and enjoyed helping students put on many performances while honing their theatrical skills. Bri joined the Gibson School of the Arts in 2021. She is living out her dream of teaching in a community-based program where all are welcome and free to be themselves!