Jaclyn O'Brien

Jaclyn’s strong connection to the arts grew at a young age. She would paint, draw, sing, and play piano throughout her childhood. Jaclyn began to show an interest in leadership, and in 2012 enrolled in a leadership program at the camp she attended: this would be the spark to a life devoted to teaching. Between painting, poetry, swimming, and volleyball Jaclyn studied at King City Secondary School while pursuing her goal of attending Queen’s University to become a Teacher.

Jaclyn has since graduated from the Concurrent Education Program at Queen’s University. While her teaching qualifications are in the field of Visual Arts, and English, Jaclyn’s love for piano led her to co-teach an ‘Introduction to Piano’ class at Barrie North Collegiate. Although she does not have formal credentials for teaching piano, her dedication and practice make Jaclyn an ideal mentor for anyone interested in exploring the instrument at beginner levels. Throughout her post-secondary education, Jaclyn’s artworks were successfully submitted and accepted to be a part of an exhibit at the Union Art Gallery in Kingston, Ontario. While completing her final years at Queen’s University, Jaclyn completed a hands-on teaching placement at the Gibson Arts Centre. Shortly after graduating she was extended an offer to teach various art courses at the Gibson School of the Arts.

Jaclyn is filled with a deep passion for both art and education. She hopes to inspire kids with a curiosity and desire to explore all of the arts, to take creative risks, and to expand the mind to enjoy art and its process. Jaclyn looks forward to bringing the joy, worldview, and wonder of both art and music to all her students!